With warmer weather on its way – or we hope it is, downgrading the weight of rug your horse wears will ensure he stays dry but not too hot.

A medium lite turnout rug is the pefect option for those cool damp days with a filling of between 50g and 100g this weight of rug will give him just the protection he needs.

If you’re not sure which one to pick, we’ve reviewed four different ones to help make your choice a little eaiser.

ThermoMaster Turin review

RRP £79.90
To buy visit www.kramer.co.uk
This rug fits really well length-wise, but isn’t as deep as other rugs.

The detachable neck cover is a verasatlie addition, but it does come up a bit short and flapped over when the horse is grazing exposing the bottom of their neck and in the rain this would get wet.

The 50g filling keeps the horse warm and the chest padding provides some additional comfort. However, 600 denier outer hasn’t proved to be very durable and has a few tears in it.

This rug is fair value, but only if your horse isn’t very tough on his rugs.

Bucas Irish turnout review

RRP £99
For stockists visit www.zebraproducts.co.uk
This rug fits perfectly, it’s a great shape around the neck and shoulders and after a few days of use it moulds to your horse’s shape. The silky lining has produced a great shine on the horse’s coat and cut down on grooming time too.

It’s proved to be tough and waterproof, although the tail flap could be more generous to provide the hindquarters with more protection from the rain. The 50g filling is just enough to provide a little additonal warmth, but without the worry of your horse over-heating.

Can’t fault this rug on fit and performance, but it is pricey and if you want a rug with a neck cover you need to buy this separately.

Fieldmasta fixed neck turnout review

RRP £119
To buy visit www.harryhall.com
A well-fitting rug with 100g filling, which is a great option on those cool days.

This rug is very well designed and looks really smart.

This rug has a 600 denier outer with reinforced 1200 denier ripstop sections just where you need them to make this rug durable.

The clever articulated full neck is shaped so prevents mane being rubbed out, this definitely gets a thumbs up!

All-in-all a great rug that’s performed really well.

Climatemasta fixed neck turnout review

RRP £105
To buy visit www.harryhall.com
A fixed-neck turnout rug which fits well and didn’t move.

The tough 1200 denier rip-stop fabric has proved to be waterproof and breathable.

This rug has Masta’s One-Click fastening, which is really good once you’ve got used to it.

This rug can also be used in conjunction with Masta’s liners which are sold separately.

Add a liner in it and you have one rug that you can use when it gets colder too. A great, practical rug at an excellent price.

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