Your Horse Live 2011 videos

Smashing record attendance from last year, Your Horse Live 2011 was a massive success. With demonstraions featuring top celebrities, over 300 exhibitors offering fantastic bargains, all the information you need on our Q&A Live and Improve your riding zone, there was something for everyone!

Have a look at videos of the whole event, behind the scenes, interviews, and get a peek at the demonstrations by Geoff Billington, Oliver Townend, Anna Ross-Davies, Laura Bechtolsheimer, Rockin' Horses, Jason Webb, Charlie Unwin, and many more...

Tour of Your Horse Live

YH team Imogen, Emily and Larissa take you around the event to show you Your Horse Live 2011 in the process of being set up.

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Interview with Oliver Townend

Your Horse interview eventing legend Oliver Townend and find out if he still gets nervous before competitions, what he looks for in a top event horse and what he's hoping to get for Christmas.

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Carol Mailer demonstration on gridwork

At Your Horse Live 2011, Carol Mailer gave her fool-proof showjumping exercises for you to try at home, to improve accuracy, timing and balance, and you can watch her demonstration again at home.

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Interview with Anna Ross-Davies

We interview dressage rider Anna Ross-Davies at Your Horse Live 2011 and ask her what her best advice is, what her dream non-horsey job would be, what she does to keep her horses healthy and what she's hoping to get for Christmas!

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Oliver Townend and Geoff Billington demonstration

Show jumper Geoff Billington and eventer Oliver Townend teamed up to give a fantastic demonstration together at Your Horse Live 2011. They share their extensive knowledge as well as providing a lot of laughs so sit back and enjoy being entertained and educated.

**Please note, strong language used throughout **

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Interview with Lee Rutter

We interview western rider and trainer Lee Rutter at Your Horse Live to find out if any horse can do western riding, what the most common problems people come to him with and what he thinks the best things about western riding are.

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Interview with Laura Bechtolsheimer

Your Horse caught up with International Dressage Rider Laura Bechtolsheimer at Your Horse Live 2011 and she tells us why she chose dressage, what non horsey job would she would love to do, and the best advice she's ever been given.

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Lucy Killingbeck demonstration on showing

Lucy is an affiliated judge and has judged at many major shows and her demonstration is on how to catch the judge's eye and improve your results in the show ring.

This demonstration was filmed on the Sunday of Your Horse Live with riders Pippa Price with George, Hannah Moore with Dippy, Caitlin Barnett with Luke, and Katie Dowker with Troy.

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Jason Webb and Charlie Unwin demonstration

Australian Horsemanship trainer, Jason Webb and Sport Psychologist, Charlie Unwin came to Your Horse Live in 2011 to show crowds how to deal with a problem horse.

In their final demonstration of the weekend, Jason Webb and Charlie Unwin work with Tommy and his owner Kim Gubler to address his spooky nature following an accident that left Kim in surgery and Tommy with mental scars.

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Sylvia Loch's Demonstration

Sylvia is the UKs leading authority on Classical Riding, and is highly regarded across the globe. She is a frequent giver of classical demonstrations both here and abroad, and is much in demand as a teacher.

In her demonstration at Your Horse Live she explained how the principles of Classical Riding can benefit any horse and rider, from Novice to Grand Prix.

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Anna Ross-Davies and Roland Tong's Demonstration

Dressage rider Anna Ross-Davies holds a demonstration with Roland Tong to give the audience an insight into how they prepare for a dressage to music test and show off their own personal routenes.

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