Four winners* will each receive a fabulous FreeSpace Girth

Four lucky Your Horse readers will each win an innovative FreeSpace Girth for their four-legged partners. This groundbreaking girth gives the horse full freedom to move by removing pressure on key pectoral muscles.

WOW Saddles, known for its scientifically based approach to innovation, developed the FreeSpace girth based on a deep understanding of equine biomechanics.

Pressure testing shows that its unique double sternum plate completely removes pressure on the important muscle groups which lift the back and move the forelegs.

The two-part Active Cushion Sternum Plate has a reinforced outer that won’t give under girth tension. This plate ensures that the girth straps bridge the pectoral muscles so that there is no pressure on them, meaning that the horse can use these muscles freely.

The girth is kept away from the horse’s sides by the Active Cushion, which has two functions.

  1. To hold the sternum plate away from the horse’s rib cage.
  2. To provide a soft cushion against the sternum or breastbone.

Like all WOW products, modularity is key. The FreeSpace fits many different shapes and sizes of horse, and it is suitable for all saddle makes. There is a choice of sternum plate widths to suit narrower or wider chested horses, and this can be combined with different strap lengths to create a long or dressage-style girth.

Even the buckle arrangements are modular. If the girth billets are close together, use a double buckle guard with or without padding to hold the straps in position and prevent pinching. Using a single buckle guard facilitates wider spacing.

The winners will be able to select the correct combination of these modules to create the perfect girth for their own horses. FreeSpace girths are made from a premium quality synthetic vegan ‘leather’, which is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. This synthetic material is easy to keep clean and it looks great even after years of use

Event rider Maddi Ellis (pictured in main image) says: “The FreeSpace girth definitely had an immediate effect — I don’t think I’ve ever seen my horse giving the showjumps so much room. What a weapon!”

The closing date is 1 February 2024

*UK only.