4 winners* will each receive two bottles of Cavalor Flyless

Cavalor FlyLess is an insect repellent spray created to protect horse and rider against horseflies, flies, mosquitoes, ticks and other insects.

The pleasant fragrance will ensure that the user can enjoy their summer ride without the fear of getting bitten, and it will also ensure that their horse will remain relaxed when he is out in the field or in the stable.

The non-sticky, non-greasy formula is gentle on the skin and won’t harm or stain clothing or gear. Cavalor FlyLess contains Icaridin, a repellent molecule registered for both human and horse use.

Icaridin forms a scented blanket on the skin, disrupting the mechanism that attracts insects to human and animal skin

3 winners* will each receive three essential summer care products from Absorbine

Each of our three winners will receive the following:  Absorbine UltraShield Green — an all-natural body spray containing seven aromatic oils to comfort and soothe your horse during the warmer summer months. It is a safe alternative to chemical-based sprays.

Absorbine UltraShield Insecticide and Repellent — the ultimate insecticide to protect your horse’s environment from irritating insects. Its active ingredients, Permethrin and Pyrethrin, provide instant ‘knock-down’, killing nuisance insects.

Absorbine CoolDown — an all-natural body wash with 12 herbs and essential oils. It is perfect for use after exercise or at shows.

8 winners* will receive a 5kg tub of Rowen Barbary Vitem

Vitem from Rowen Barbary is a complete equine feed supplement supplies all the essential nutrients for overall health and vitality.

Calories and sugars are kept to a minimum, making it an ideal supplement for good doers on a restricted diet.

The supplement is molasses and cereal free, with a no starch and sugar content, making it ideal for giving to horses prone to laminitis and Cushing’s syndrome.

5 winners* will each receive a bundle of Horslyx Respiratory products

This will include a 15kg Horslyx Respiratory Balancer, a 15kg Horslyx Holder, plus a 650g Respiratory Mini Horslyx.

All horses require a healthy respiratory system for optimum performance and Horslyx Respiratory Balancer can help.

The balancer contains an antioxidant package boasting vitamin C for optimum lung support. It is designed to provide a two[1]pronged approach to healthy breathing with menthol, eucalyptus and aniseed supporting the airways, while the antioxidant package helps to maintain immunity.

The balancer also includes the full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Together with good quality proteins, an antioxidant package and linseed oil to help the coat shine, Horslyx Respiratory Balancer will give any horse’s respiratory system a boost.

*UK winners only

The closing date is 20 July 2023

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