The key to jumping, even at the smaller end of the spectrum, is creating a quality canter and then staying out of your horse’s way – let him do the work.

Don’t get behind the movement though as he’ll struggle to take off if you do. Always start with a pole on the ground, adding in more poles as you gain confidence until you have a line of them.

On the approach, sit tall and look up where you’re going. Don’t freeze as you get close to the poles – keep riding.

The contact should feel as if you’re holding hands with your horse – soft and giving. This gives your horse confidence too. Don’t pull at him.

If you’re nervous, approach in trot, then let your horse canter just before the first pole. Don’t panic in the turn to or away from the fence.

Keep your hands soft and turn your hips and eyes in the direction you want to go – your horse will follow.

Stay relaxed. When it’s time for the next step – a small cross-pole – just think of it as a raised pole, rather than a jump.

Keep it as tiny as you want until your confidence is soaring. Nothing about your riding should change as it gets higher.

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