It can be daunting getting back in the saddle after a fall or injury, particularly if it’s been some time since you were able to ride.

Showing superstar Katie Jerram-Hunnable is no stranger to falling from a horse, after a nasty accident on a youngster in January 2018.

She suffered a broken neck, and was out of the saddle for a considerable amount of time.

Below Katie shares her five top tips for boosting confidence after a fall.

  1. Concentrate on groundwork at first – something you can do easily. This will help you re-connect with your horse.
  2. Remember that when you first climb back in the saddle, it doesn’t have to be on your own horse. Perhaps opt for a lesson on a schoolmaster, or have a session on the lunge so you can concentrate just on yourself.
  3. Know and accept your limits. If you now worry about hacking, say, only do it when you can create the right environment to make you feel safe – hacking out with others for instance.
  4. Take your time. Baby steps are better than jumping straight in when your confidence has been knocked.
  5. Keep in mind that it’s perfectly OK to feel wobbly after an incident. This will help you stay positive.

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