Boost your confidence by building trust with your horse. International coach and confidence enthusiast Charlotte Dennis tells you how in five simple steps.

Step 1

If you’ve had a break from riding, either through injury or because a bad experience has put you off, ask yourself ‘How do I feel about riding again?’. Is the answer excited, nervous, apprehensive or perhaps terrified? Being honest about how you feel is key to helping you overcome your confidence problems.

Step 2

Sit quietly and consider why you got into horses in the first place. What drew you to them? It’s good to be reminded of why they give you pleasure. Is your horse your best friend? Do you love to compete?

Step 3

Whatever’s happened in the past, you need to learn to trust your horse again. With this in mind, make a plan to move forward, taking small, achievable steps towards your goals. Enlist the help of a sympathetic instructor and confidence-boosting friends to help you move forwards.

Step 4

Take notice of the shape your horse is in, mentally and physically, after your break and focus on his needs, too.

Step 5

It’s really important, at this fragile time, to do all you can to make every experience you have with your horse a positive one.