Winter is tough when you own and/or ride horses, having to be out in all weathers making sure they are fed, watered and exercised. Wearing the right kit makes coping with the wind, rain and snow that little bit more bearable, and a good warm and waterproof jacket is a must. They need to be comfortable to wear for yard work and riding as well as able to cope in all weathers.

Your Horse’s testers have put six short waterproof jackets to the test. Over the past four months they have been using the jackets on a daily basis to find out which ones they rate as the best. The coats have been worn for yard work and hacking out and none of our testers are fair weather riders; they have been out in the wind and rain to ensure each jacket has a fair and thorough test.

Each jacket is given a mark out five for fit, performance and value for money. This gives an overall score out of 15.

Mountain Horse Alicia Jacket

RRP £129

Colours: Black, navy, grey melange, green

Sizes: XS – XXL

Fit: A smart, shorter style jacket that fits perfectly. It’s lightweight and not too bulky so doing yard jobs or riding is comfortable. It’s a flattering fit and the pre-curved sleeves means there’s no restriction in movement. 5 stars

Performance: Don’t be fooled by the lack of padding in this jacket – it has kept me really warm on some cold and windy days. It’s also been used in very heavy rain and I’ve stayed dry. This jacket doesn’t have a hood, but it does have a very high collar that you can pull up to keep out the wind and wet when you’re riding. 4.5 stars

Value for money: A great jacket that’s worth the money. 4.5 stars

Total score: 14

Felix Bühler Hooded Functional Riding Jacket Maya

RRP £64.90

Colours: Black, mahogany, macadamia, navy, rainforest

Sizes: XS – XXL

Fit: This jacket fits well; it’s my usual size and even the sleeves are long enough, which is something I can struggle with. It’s a good length, finishing at the top of my thigh – rear riding vents and a two-way zip ensure you’re comfortable in the saddle. The hood is a good size and can be fastened to the back of the jacket to hold it down. The adjustable waist gives the jacket a bit of shape. 4.5 stars

Performance: A practical jacket that is both waterproof and windproof. On frosty mornings I did find that I wasn’t as warm as I’d like. The faux fur on the hood is a nice addition until it gets wet. When it’s soggy it isn’t very pleasant, but it is detachable. The jacket is comfortable and not restrictive for yard jobs. It has washed well. 4.5 stars

Value for money: For under £100 you won’t go far wrong with this jacket. 5 stars

Total score: 14

WeatherBeeta Tania Waterproof Jacket

RRP £127.99

Colours: Black, navy

Sizes: XXS – XXL

Fit: A stylish jacket that’s nicely shaped and looks very smart. The fit is very good and not restrictive, whether I was riding or doing yard jobs. 5 stars

Performance: A little heavier than other jackets but it keeps me warm and is comfortable to wear. I’ve worn this jacket in some torrential rain and it’s proved to be waterproof. The inner elasticated waist is a good addition and helps to keep the wind out when riding. I also like the under-arm vents, because they help to keep me cool when I’m working hard. 4.5 stars

Value for money: A good value practical winter coat. 4 stars

Total score: 13.5

Le Mieux Elize Waterproof Puffer Jacket

RRP £149.95

Colours: Marine, fig, navy, grey

Sizes: 6 – 16

Fit: This lightweight puffer-style jacket is true to size and generally fits me really nicely, although the sleeves are just a fraction short for me. It’s nicely shaped which makes it flattering to wear. The removable hood is a good size and shape – it’s a good additional feature. 4.5 stars

Performance: This jacket is comfortable for yard work and in the saddle; the style and shape mean you don’t need rear riding vents. I wasn’t convinced by the feel of the fabric that it was waterproof, but I’ve worn it in some awful weather and it’s kept me warm and dry, even in prolonged, heavy rain. It has the look of a down-filled jacket but is in fact filled with an eco-friendly DuPont ‘synthetix’ filling that’s a lot easier to care for, and it really keeps you snug even when the temperature is below freezing. The jacket has been washed several times and still looks great. 5 stars

Value for money: A great looking jacket that really does the job. It’s not the cheapest but in my opinion is well worth the money. 4 stars

Total score: 13.5

Ariat Stable Insulated Jacket

RRP £100

Colours: Forest mist, wild ginger

Sizes: XS – XXL

Fit: A smart blouson style jacket that is a great fit. I find some blouson style jackets can ride up, but I didn’t have that problem with this one. The elasticated cuffs are comfortable and not restrictive, as is the elastic around the waist, which holds the jacket in place nicely. 5 stars

Performance: A practical jacket that I particularly liked riding in – it’s comfortable and warm but not too thick and bulky. The lightweight lining keeps the wind out and this jacket keeps me dry in light rain. However, the outer material is water resistant rather than waterproof, so don’t expect it to keep you dry in heavy rain. I like the large underarm vents which are Lind with soft mesh and can be unzipped to help keep you cool and give more movement. 4 stars

Value for money: A reasonably priced jacket that’s great for riding in. 4 stars

Total score: 13

Toggi Defender Pro Jacket

RRP £149.99

Colours: Anthracite, navy

Sizes: 8 – 20

Fit: A nice looking longer length jacket. The fit is good – I just found it a little restrictive over my shoulders. The shape of the cuffs is a little unusual but it provides additional protection to the back of your hands. 4 stars

Performance: I like the length of this jacket – it offers a bit more protection from the weather for both yard work and riding. It’s comfortable to wear although I didn’t find it the warmest and had to layer up on cold days. The large side zips ensure you aren’t restricted when you’re in the saddle and the jacket is definitely waterproof. The reflective prints are a good addition but I didn’t find them particularly effective. 4 stars

Value for money: A good all-round lightweight jacket – it’s quite expensive, but you can wear it all year round. 4 stars

Total score: 12

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