With my mare living out in the field 24/7 into early winter this year, I wanted a warm rug that covered her belly when she lay down, so I was keen to try the MudRugs 200g Combo Turnout with Belly Cover.

First impressions

The navy colour is bright and tasteful, and the rug felt good quality. Once on my mare, I was impressed with the protection – the elasticated neck helps prevent it sliding down and any drafts or rain getting in, and I love the idea of the extra optional belly flap to keep bellies warm and dry. It’s a smart, quality-looking rug.


It is a decent length and comes down to her knees, offering great protection, and the front clips were easy to do up and had plenty of adjustments for different sized chests. The belly flap is secured with three fastenings. I was worried about it being too low and my mare getting her back legs through it, but there are two options on each fastening and the highest one keeps the belly flap securely to her belly.

The tail flap is nice and long with extra darts to protect her tail and backend. I prefer tail flaps that have an extra loop underneath for the tail to go through to stop it blowing up in the wind, but I used the leg straps to help prevent that happening. There is also the option of having a filet string (included) if you prefer.

The reflective shoulder darts mean I can spot her in the field in the dark, and they offer her plenty of flexibility in her shoulders.

The neck is a good length and sits off her mane due to the elastic in the top.


I had to wait until it was pretty chilly to use this as my mare is quite a hot horse and I was worried she would be too warm in a 200g, but it’s been ideal in the frosty, freezing weather we’ve had recently, and I’ve been pleased with how it has performed. The filling is targeted, so it is 200g in the body, 150g in the neck and 100g in the belly. It stays in place, and doesn’t slip, even when she rolls, and still looks like new, even after weeks of wear. There’s been no rips or tears due to the 1,200 denier outer, and it’s kept her clean and very warm, even in windy, wet and cold conditions.

For a relatively big rug with a decent amount of fill, it isn’t too heavy and is easy to throw on and take off. All the straps are easy to do up, and it’s a pretty quick rug to put on and take off.

I really love the belly flap – it not only keeps my mare’s belly clean, but I like the idea that if she lies down on the cold, wet floor, her tummy will be protected. It’s optional, so the rug comes with normal surcingles if you choose not to use it, and it’s built under the sides of the rug, so that the rain can’t run off and seep in.

Nowhere does the rug feel too tight, and the shiny lining means it doesn’t rub, and leaves her coat flat and smooth.
The neck cover is secured with two Velcro straps. I was a little worried how long these would stay sticky once they’ve picked up some hay and mud, but they have lasted so far.

Value for money

This rug offers a lot of benefits over similar rugs on the market, and the price is good value for the quality of the rug.

Our reviewer was testing the MudRugs 200g Combo Turnout with Belly Cover, available in sizes 5’0 to 7’0, navy, £112


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