Rider Eye Hi Viz Horse rider Tabard, ‘PASS AT MAX 10MPH’ and Mesh Hi Viz Quarter Sheet with Driver Message on Tail Flap

I have to hack out on quite a busy road to get to our off-road riding, and the cars aren’t always great at slowing down, so I was keen to try this tabard and mesh quarter sheet to see if it made a difference to the speed at which traffic approached and passed us.

First impressions

The tabard is very lightweight and bright with clear wording. The reflective strip is an added bonus. The wording and logo are printed both front and back so oncoming and drivers from behind can see it. You can also order additional lights that attach to the tabard and are USB charged for an additional cost, as well as a waterproof pocket as an additional extra with zip closing. It is also available with an image of a camera.

The mesh quarter sheet is a fantastic concept, especially for the warmer months as it’s super lightweight and airy, meaning horses hardly know they’re wearing it. I had it in yellow and it comes with reflective stripes on the top of the hindlegs and a message saying ‘Pass at max 10mph’ with a camera logo on the tail flap, so drivers approaching can see it and hopefully slow down.


I’m a size 8/10 but this tabard is ‘one size fits all’, and it really does. It slips easily over a riding hat and body protector or big coat or gilet, but isn’t too baggy if you’re just wearing a t-shirt underneath. It doesn’t slip off the shoulders like some tabards do, and doesn’t flap around in the wind. It’s so lightweight you hardly know you’re wearing it.

The mesh quarter sheet is available in cob (65cm 14hh to 15.1hh), full (74cm 15.2hh to 16hh) and extra full (80cm over 16hh), in yellow, orange and pink and I went for the yellow in cob. My mare is 15.1hh and it fits her perfectly There are two Velcro straps each side that attach to the saddle and offer a versatile fit – you can make the straps short or long, and there is a tail flap with anchoring straps to prevent it flapping around, and an adjustable filet string with clips, so you can happily trot and canter in the knowledge it won’t slip or flap.


The tabard is so bright, and the wording so clear that cars definitely slow down more when I wear it on the road. It’s comfy to wear – you hardly know you’re wearing it – and it’s worth every penny to feel that bit safer on the roads.

I rode using the mesh quarter sheet in quite high winds and it hardly moved. It’s also brilliant for stopping flies landing while riding, especially pesky horse flies. In the heat of summer, the mesh design means horses don’t get too hot, and the messaging on the tail flap is an added extra to help drivers slow down.

The sheer brightness of the sheet is hugely comforting as drivers can see you from a good distance.

Value for money

The tabard isn’t the cheapest on the market, but it offers something extra in terms of safety, and that is worth the additional cost in my opinion.

Similarly, the sheet is more expensive than some others on the market, but it’s peace of mind to know that me and my horse will be seen by other road users in plenty of time, and the additional messaging is definitely an added bonus.

Important info

The Rider Eye Hi Viz Horse rider Tabard, ‘PASS AT MAX 10MPH’ comes in yellow, pink or orange and costs £32.

The Mesh Hi Viz Quarter Sheet with Driver Message on Tail Flap comes in yellow, orange or pink, in sizes cob, full or extra full, and costs £49.

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