Pivo Pod Active Edition

The Pivo Pod, in conjunction with the Pivo + app, allows you to video your riding sessions using your phone’s camera. It’s ideal for those who usually rely on a friend, partner or parent to video their lesson, dressage test or show jumping round – instead Pivo will capture all the action for you.

First impressions

I often school my mare on my own, so recording my training sessions has never been possible unless a friend sticks around to video for me, so when I came across the Pivo Pod Active, I couldn’t wait to take it to the yard and try it out. 


It came with easy-to-follow instructions. The mount is lightweight and small, so easy to carry around, but the tripod is obviously bigger and a bit bulkier. However, the smart carry case is brilliant for storing both bits of kit and carrying it over your shoulder while preventing it getting damaged. 


The first job when setting it up was to download the app onto my phone and then sync it to my phone. It was easy to do and only took a few minutes.

I then set up the tripod where I wanted to record from, and attached my phone to the stand. 

I carried the remote control in my pocket and once onboard my mare, I set it to record – I don’t have to get off to work the camera, which is really handy. 

You have to make sure you have plenty of storage on your phone to record a lengthy video, so I needed to delete a few bits beforehand. 

I set up the tripod at the A end of the arena, outside of the fence. The tripod extended high enough that it sat above the fence, and I used it to record a practice run of my dressage test.

Once I’d got going, I did play with the speed settings a bit because, when I was coming round the corner at the A end, I was obviously very close to the camera, and it had to rotate quickly to keep me in the frame. On the slower settings, it sometimes didn’t quite keep up, but once at a higher speed setting, it kept me in the frame the whole time.

The camera can spin 360° and it automatically zooms in and out, so you really don’t have to worry about it once you’re going.

It has some great features including being able to take photos while you’re riding by using the voice command, and you can also link it up so that you can video call your trainer who can watch your session live remotely. 

Pivo Pod is compatible with iOS and Android and can record indoors or out, meaning you can also use it record sections of cross-country training sessions.  

Value for money

Yes, definitely. It is a quality piece of kit and super handy when you’re riding on your own.

Important info

RRP £124.99

Available to purchase here

Since testing this piece of kit, Pivo have released a new equestrian edition. You can see full details of the Pivo Pod Equestrian Edition here.

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