Julie is pictured on her cob Panda wearing the Lusso Signature Riding Leggings she tested for five months

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lusso leggings

I tested Signature Riding Leggings from Lusso Equestrian Apparel in the tornado grey. I first came across Lusso when Caroline Debisi Ogunshola, who set up the company single-handedly after being disappointed at the quality of the riding leggings she ordered online, wrote to the Your Horse office and I compiled a feature about her as an inspirational and groundbreaking black entrepreneur in the equestrian industry.

In fact, Caroline thought the quality of her online purchases was so poor that she sent them all back and investigated potential manufacturers. When she found one who made quality riding leggings, she started to sell her own design. Lusso has since become so successful that Caroline is contemplating giving up her ‘day job’ to work on it full time.

First impressions

Pictured is a close up of the Lusso Signature Riding Leggings, showing a large phone pocket and discreet logo on the outer thigh

There is a large handy pocket for your phone

I was really keen to see if what Caroline said about her leggings was true, and she ended up sending me two pairs to try — L and XL — as I was possibly between sizes. The products immediately earned brownie points from me as they arrived in a small box, wrapped lovingly in tissue paper with not a piece of plastic wrapping in sight. They had the feel of a lovely gift.

The Lusso Signature Riding Leggings turned up about five months ago and I have been wearing them regularly ever since. In fact, during the first month I rarely took them off, not only because I wanted to give them a proper test in all situations, from onboard my horse, to working on the yard and poo picking, but also because I loved them so much.


I’m a size 14 (and sometimes bordering on a 16) in leggings and my first impressions when I tried on the Lusso size L was how well the leggings fitted me. I therefore thought that the XL would be too big, so I tried those on next and I was surprised that they too fitted really well. It implied that these are really good quality leggings that have plenty of stretch to fit all kinds of shapes and sizes. In fact, they kind of mould to the wearer. I also loved the wide waistband that didn’t ever dig into my waist and which ensured that the leggings never moved and at no point did I ever feel that they were in danger of falling down.


Pictured is Caroline Debisi Ogunshola, the founder of the UK’s first black-owned equestrian clothing brand

Caroline founded Lusso, which is the UK’s first black-owned equestrian clothing brand

My horses and ponies are pensioners these days and they are semi retired, but I pulled my piebald mare, Panda, out of her field a few times and saddled her up to try out my Lusso leggings. She’s 15hh and used to be impossible to mount without a helper as she would tank off, but I have taught her over the years (with the help of bribery and carrot slices) and she stood beautifully at the mounting block every time.

Even if Panda had tanked off, I wouldn’t have worried about the performance of my Signature Riding Leggings, as at no point while mounting or while in the saddle did they constrict my movement, wrinkle up, or feel like they were falling down. In fact I couldn’t fault them. I also gave them almost full marks when I came to review them for Your Horse Magazine’s The Big Test (see our Spring 2024 issue), only deducting half of a mark for the fact that they don’t come in a full silicone seat option — these have silicone on the inner leg — but that is really personal preference.


I did wear my Lusso Signature Riding Leggings in quite cold, wintery weather, but they are probably better suited to spring, summer and autumn conditions. However, they performed incredibly well in all situations, from walking my Cocker Spaniel Rolo to poo picking every morning and even gardening.

I was surprised when I cut brambles in them that they didn’t snag, even when a thorn caught on them. I also took a heavy fall on the yard while wearing them (luckily no one saw), and immediately glanced down expecting to see a big hole in the knee, but they weren’t even slightly ripped, and so are clearly as tough as they are comfortable.

I washed both pairs frequently and they came out of the washing machine looking like new every time. In fact, they still look like the the day they arrived and I’m over the moon with them.

Value for money

Tester Julie's daughter Chloe is pictured riding in the Lusso Signature Riding Leggings

My daughter Chloe loves wearing Lusso leggings as much as I do!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Lusso Signature Riding Leggings and I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t find them to be an excellent pair of leggings. One of the reasons Caroline set up Lusso was to undercut the big companies, who she felt were charging their customers too much for equestrian gear. She has literally put her money where her mouth is, for, at £35, Lusso Signature Riding Leggings really are phenomenal value for money.

Key information about Lusso Signature Riding Leggings

Colour options: eden (green), tornado grey, nova (navy) and onyx (black)

Highlights: stretchy & supportive material; high waisted with four-way stretch; technical breathable fabric; two large phone pockets

Size: XS-XL

RRP £35

Purchase here