20/20 Equine Leather Magic

I like to wipe my tack over after every use, including my riding boots and chaps, so I was interested to see how the 20/20 Leather Magic would fare. I liked the idea that it cleans and feeds the leather at the same time, saving me from having to use multiple products.

First impressions

The Leather Magic comes in a handy pot with a screw-on lid that conceals a sponge, making it ideal for keeping in the lorry or tackroom – you don’t need to hunt around for a sponge before using it. The lid was easy to screw on and off and I adored the fresh orange aroma. Delicious!


Some tack cleaning products are gloopy, thick and greasy, but this is light and absorbs into the leather instantly as it contains a combination of organic oils, and leaves no slimy residue. Instead, it leaves a gentle shine on the tack without looking too much like gloss, and it helps to lift grease and mud at the same time – perfect. It’s easy to apply with the sponge, and takes moments to wipe tack over saving lots of time using multiple products. 

Value for money

It’s not cheap at £16.99 a pot and there are other alternatives that aren’t as expensive, but it smells gorgeous and does what it says on the tin, plus its mega handy with the built-in sponge, and you don’t need loads of it so it should last.

Important info

20/20 Equine Leather Magic, £16.99 per 300ml pot

Available to purchase here*

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