I don’t mind the winter weather as long as I’m suitably dressed, so when I read about the Catago Trainer Winter Jump Suit, it looked like the perfect addition to my yard winter wardrobe. Staying warm and dry is a horse owner’s number one priority in the winter, and this suit look liked it ticked all the boxes.

I was expecting a winter, waterproof suit to be quite heavy, but when I lifted it out of the box, my first impressions were that this is a surprisingly lightweight suit. It felt good quality with sturdy zips and plenty of handy pockets for storing phones and keys, and I liked the additional ‘treat bag’ which can be clipped on and off the suit. The reflective detailing meant that you are seen by oncoming traffic even in the dark, and there is a removable hood, which is always a handy feature to have.


Our tester Stephanie keeps warm in the snow wearing a Catago Trainer Winter Jump Suit

The Catago Trainer Winter Jump Suit is a good fit for a tall rider like Your Horse’s tester Steph

I am a tall rider (I’m 5ft 9in) and I have quite long legs, so I was worried the legs would be too short on the suit, but actually they are the perfect length — not so short that they look ridiculous but not too long that they drag in the mud and get filthy.

I was also concerned about how restrictive a padded suit would feel, but it wasn’t restrictive at all. I could do all my usual yard chores with no problem including mucking out, bending over to pick out my horse’s hooves and filling haynets.


I have been using the Catago Trainer Winter Jump Suit for a year now, so it’s been thoroughly tested. A few weeks after receiving the suit last autumn, we had snow, and I was eager to try it out in the cold. It was brilliant! Due to it being so insulating, I only wore a couple of layers underneath which prevented it being too bulky and restrictive, and it was breathable enough to stop me perspiring once I got moving around (it has breathability at 3000 mvp).

I have tried the Catago Trainer Winter Jump Suit out in heavy rain (it is waterproof up to 5000 mm) and it kept me bone dry, and was surprisingly quick at drying out — I just hung it up in my garage and the next day it was dry, ready to wear again. I have washed the jump suit with a waterproof detergent and it came out like new and retained its waterproof qualities.

The Catago Trainer Winter Jump Suit is brilliant for walking the dogs too. I simply slip into it in the garage, put my wellies on and off I go. There’s no need to get changed as my clean clothes underneath are kept fully covered. After the walk, I simply slip out of it and go back to my desk. It saves a lot of time. I’ve also worn the jump suit to clip in, and wear over my clean show gear while I’m getting my mare ready for a competition. It’s a very versatile jump suit.

After 12 months of ownership, the Catago Trainer Winter Jump Suit remains waterproof and is still in great condition despite my heavy use of it. It’s the perfect addition to an outdoor lifestyle.

Value for money

At £275.95, the Catago Trainer Winter Jump Suit isn’t cheap but you get what you pay for. In my opinion, it is worth the investment for any horse owner or rider who is outside a lot during the winter looking after horses. The jump suit is now in its second winter season and still performing like the day I got it. The fact that it is so versatile and does what it says on the label is worth every penny.

Important information

RRP: £275.95

Sizes: XS to XXL

Colour: Black

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