A cold found abandoned in a desperate state is recovering at Woodfield Animal Sanctuary in Swansea, Wales.

His life was “hanging in the balance” when he was first taken in by the charity earlier this month. The fluffy bay was ridden with lice and worms, emaciated and exhausted.

O’Grady, as he has since been named, spent his first week on a drip at the charity’s vet clinic, and it became evident the youngster was unable to stand unaided. Using a harness and hoist, the team were able to lift O’Grady every two hours, after the vet advised keeping him on his feet, with a maximum of two hours lying down at any one time.

A dedicated volunteer at Woodfield, Karl, barely left the youngster’s side, checking him every two hours at night and throughout the day. O’Grady gradually learnt to stand for himself.

He has a home for life with Woodfield, and although he still has health issues, he continues to make progress.

“He continues to get a little better every day, we are not out of the woods, but he is a lot better than he was a week ago,” a spokesman for the charity said. “He really is the most loving, trusting, gentle, grateful pony I have ever known.”

Woodfield has rescued more than 300 ponies since it was founded almost a decade ago. To support the charity and O’Grady’s care, click here.

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