A group of riders from the Vale of Glamorgan have set up a campaign urging the Welsh Government to improve the safety of riders on the road.

The team – made up of Jocelle Lovell, Matt and Ulrike Smalley, Rachel Francis and Angela Baker – want the Welsh government to launch an annual road safety campaign that educates all road users on how to pass horses and riders safely.

They also want the education programme to highlight the dangers and consequences of not passing horses safely, and the threat it poses to everyone involved – including the driver.

The group wanted to start a campaign after Jocelle’s daughter Chloe was thrown from her pony because he was spooked by a car. They were inspired by Debbie Smith’s ‘Pass Wide and Slow’ petition and the BHS ‘Dead Slow’ Campaign, and wanted to do something to help horses and riders on the road.

Ulrike says: “Our team are all passionate horse owners who enjoy hacking in the local area, but there is a lack of local off-road riding.

“To get to the few bridle paths, we have to negotiate both major roads as well as the ever increasing traffic on the country lanes that are used as rat runs by drivers. We all regularly experience cars speeding past and driving too close to the horses.”

It’s hoped that both riders and non-riders will get behind the campaign to make the roads safer for horses and show the Welsh Government the extent of the public support.

To show your support and voice your concerns about riding in the road, you can sign the petition here https://www.assembly.wales/en/gethome/e-petitions/Pages/petitiondetail.aspx?PetitionID=1043 or e-mail pwaswales@gmail.com if you would like to become actively involved and collect signatures for the petition (there is a paper signup sheet available).

Pass Wide and Slow Wales is also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PassWideAndSlowWales/