An equine sanctuary in Israel has launched a desperate appeal for help as it faces rapidly dwindling funds and a pressing need to improve its flood defences.

Lucy’s UK Donkey Sanctuary, which was founded by Brighton-born Lucy Fensom in 2015, is located next to the Palestinian West Bank border, just over 60 miles away from Gaza.

“At the moment our monthly income just does not cover our expenses,” a charity spokesperson said. “In fact, we have on average a £300 a month excess of expenditure over income. It is only thanks to a few larger individual donations that we have been able to continue at all.

“Despite the incredible generosity of our dedicated supporters, the ongoing challenges we encounter have placed a significant strain on our resources. The conflict in Israel has hampered our outreach clinic efforts, and the complexities of the Israeli banking system have sometimes made it difficult for the sanctuary to receive much-needed funds from the foundation.”

The sanctuary has been exploring avenues to increase awareness of their vital work and to generate additional funds. They have also been reaching out to other animal charities to explore potential collaborations and try to secure its long-term future.

“One of our most pressing projects is the construction of a flood defence system at our sanctuary,” the spokesperson said. “The devastating flooding we experienced earlier this year serves as a harsh reminder of the importance of safeguarding our facilities and ensuring the continued wellbeing of the donkeys in our care.

“Despite these challenges, our commitment to our cause remains firm. We are determined to overcome these obstacles and continue providing the highest level of care and support to the donkeys who rely on us.”

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Images by Lucy’s Donkey Foundation

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