This month, a video of a horse slipping and falling on the road after being spooked by a deer went viral after being shared by the horse’s owner, Kate Hardt.

Her aim is to make drivers more aware of how suddenly horses can react to things.

The former traffic police officer said: “It just goes to show how fast things can happen.”

‘The lorry ran me over’

Your Horse reader Hannah Greetham recently had a similar experience. Unfortunately, however, the road wasn’t clear.

Hannah was out hacking with her mum and a friend when a lorry came around a corner. The driver stopped while the horses got on to a grass verge and they waved him by. However, Hannah’s horse spooked as the lorry was passing.

“He suddenly spun to the side and went backwards, hitting the side of the lorry. I fell off onto the road, but the lorry driver didn’t realise and carried on, running over me.”

Hannah suffered severe bruising and a fractured hand.

“My arm and leg swelled up like a balloon. Mum and dad had to help me into our truck then drove me to hospital.”

Hannah is now recovering. Luckily, her horse was unhurt.

On the 14 April the ‘Pass Wide & Slow’ campaign rides out across the country, aiming to raise awareness of safety for riders on roads. Find out more here.

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