An owner is appealing for information after eight of her horses were stolen from their paddocks last week.

Jo Everett, who lives in Stonea, Cambridgeshire with her husband Dan, discovered her miniature horses – including three foals – had been stolen early on Thursday morning.

Thieves cut their way through electric fencing and hacked down bushes in order to load the horses. They left behind three others, who were injured when the rest of the herd were taken.

The suspected culprits were spotted driving a white transit van through Stonea and have been spotted returning to the paddock since the initial theft last week.

Jo and Dan, who breed miniature horses for a living, alerted police and have been campaigning relentlessly to find their stolen horses.

Jo says: “We’ve been broken into every night since and my other horses have been brutally attacked.

“One mare didn’t eat for three days after they were taken, and another has permanent damage to his face.”

“I’m fighting so hard to raise the profile of my horses so that they’re untouchable.”

If you have any information that can help, please call Cambridgeshire Police on 101.

Have you seen Jo’s horses?