A motorist shared the terrifying moment a loose horse galloped down a main road last week (23 February).

The escaped bay bolted into oncoming traffic on the A55, which was thankfully stationary.

Jack Dugdale captured footage of the horse running past his car from a dashcam fitted to his vehicle.

The horse can be seen running alongside the central reservation, narrowly missing the cars and vans, which had stopped in both lanes of the busy dual carriageway near Broughton in Wales.

Wearing a turnout rug with neck cover folded back, he appears to have escaped from his field.

Jack told Your Horse he was about 10 cars back in the queue of vehicles, and the horse “looked huge” as it galloped past. He said he was stationary for less than a minute before the traffic cleared.

A spokesman for North Wales Police said the horse made its way onto the road at 7.51am, before coming off at the Penyffordd slip road, “where it was walked back to the farm”.

Local reports claim the horse was safely returned to his yard.