The winners of 10 SEIB Search for a Star virtual in-hand showing classes have been unveiled by Your Horse Live this afternoon (Friday 6 November). Have a look at each horse in the gallery below:

Show hunter winner: Gracemhors Savannah

SEIB Search for a Star show hunters

Winner: Sally Dodsworth’s beautiful bay Gracemhors Savannah

“It’s a beautiful horse with a great shoulder,” said judge Katie Jerram-Hunnable. “The saddle sits in the right place — you sit behind the horse with a great length of rein. It has great length from the hip to point of the bottom and is turned out to perfection. Sally has stood the horse up beautifully.

Katie’s husband and co-judge, Chris Hunnable, added: “This was a very strong class with some beautiful horses entered.”

Runner-up: Melanie Tegg’s Mr P.

Traditional cob winner: Mistyfying Mist

SEIB Search for a Star traditional cob

Winner: Paige Cole’s Mistyfying Mist

“This was another strong class — we struggled to judge them,” said Chris.

Katie added: “This is a lovely pony. It’s got a good length of rein, is immaculately turned out and has lovely feather. It’s looking at the camera, which I like, and looks a strong, athletic pony. It’s well marked and an eyeful to look at.”

Runner-up: Catherine Jenkinson’s Dodger.

M&M winner: Beltoy Rosetalon

SEIB Search for a Star mountain and moorland (m&m)

Winner: Bobbi Shepherd’s Shetland, Beltoy Rosetalon

“The Shetland is very typey and full of pony characteristic, which is so important in M&Ms. It looks through the bridle with perked ears and lots of limb, and is a very good winner,” said Paul Cook, who judged alongside David Ingle.

Runner-up: Heather Liley’s Connemara Clarkstown Warrior

Riding horse winner: Trenavey Dazzler

SEIB Search for a Star riding horse

Winner: Jordan Meakins’ Trenavey Dazzler

Judge Katie Jerram-Hunnable said: “This is a beautiful horse. A very good colour and my eye goes straight to his back end — he’s got such a strong second thigh and a big engine with power from behind. It’s beautifully level from the withers to top of the bottom.”

Runner-up: Victoria Smith’s Greenhall Polly.

Hack winner: Diptford Bird Song

SEIB Search for a Star hack

Winner: Hannah Whelan’s Diptford Bird Song

“Hacks have to have that ‘look at me’ factor and this one oozes quality. It has a great length of rein, is bridled up beautifully and has a deep girth and super angle of shoulder,” said Katie.

Runner-up: Karen Holmes’ Cammellyn Aphrodite

SEIB Search for a Star show cobs and maxi cobs exceeding 148cm

Winning cob: Roundwood Wild Child

Winner: Alice Hughes’ Roundwood Wild Child

“This one stood out; it’s the best photo we’ve had actually,” said Katie. “It’s stood beautifully and has got lots of bone to carry it’s body, while being nice and close to the ground. It’s short in the cannon and short in the paster with a strong upper arm and thigh.”

Runner-up: Jill Cooper’s Costa Del Cob

SEIB Search for a Star racehorse to riding horse

Winning cob: Roundwood Wild Child

Winner: Eileen Melvin’s Inca Slew

The ex-racehorses were judged by Richard and Majorie Ramsay. Richard said: “This horse is full pf quality. Beautifully posed, in excellent condition with a fantastic coat. It’s a nice stamp of a scopey horse — we could see ourselves producing it.”

Runner-up: Jo Llewellyn’s Captain Scarlet

SEIB Search for a Star Diamond Pony

Winner: Heather Liley’s Clarkstown Warrior

“We picked the ponies we like ourselves, who looked like good all round animals,” said Richard. “Our winner is beautifully posed, standing very well and a really good sort.”

“[This class] took us hours. We looked at each photo about 10 times,” added Marjorie.

Runner-up: Kirsty Mabin’s Dylan Bodacious Gift

SEIB Search for a Star Riding for the Disabled (RDA) horse/pony

Diamond Pony winner: Clarkstown Warrior

Winner: Karen Thomson’s Lemonsholne Prince

“This is amazingly well turned out. It looks well in itself and in its coat. We thought it could carry both a small adult and children, which is very important for the RDA,” said Marjorie.
“It’s stood over a lot of ground and is very well presented,” added Richard.

Runner-up: Lydia Stokes’ Menai Royal Prince

RDA winner: Lemonsholme Prince

SEIB Search for a Star part bred traditional

Winner: Amber Egan’s Ambrose Travellin Prince

“We were very taken with this,” said Richard. “The minute we saw this horse it was our winner. It’s a lovely four-square horse looking bright and happy.”

Runner-up: Holly Mills’ Tom Cobley

More than 300 entries were received for the virtual showing classes and every entrant receives a rosette. Each winner receives a rosette, plaque and ticket to Your Horse Live 2021, as well as personal feedback from the judges.

Winning part bred traditional: Travellin Prince

They also go forward to the supreme in-hand championship, which will take place in the main arena at Your Horse Live next year.