Blue Cross is seeking a new home for a ten-year-old piebald cob called Heather who has been living with the charity for more than 500 days.

A statement from the charity said that its Rolleston centre is “calling out to find her happy ending where she will live as a non-ridden companion”.

Heather arrived at Blue Cross through the RSPCA in June 2017 and has been rehomed several times since then.

However, she was returned to Blue Cross in Rolleston in September 2019 and has been waiting for a new home ever since.

Heather has already proved herself to be a chilled, sensible travel companion. Photos: Blue Cross

“Heather previously had wounds in her heels and the backs of her knees from having mites,” said the statement.

“Because she was sore she had learnt to kick, bite and strike to stop people from handling her legs.

“Since being back at the centre she has had a lot of training with her legs and happily she is now good to be examined by the farrier and allows the team to put oil and cream on her heels and the backs of her knees to prevent her getting sores.”

Verity Anderton-Johnson, rehoming co-ordinator at Blue Cross in Rolleston, said: “Heather is a sweet mare but needs a competent and consistent handler to build her confidence up.

“Heather has been a travel companion while in our care and was great. She was really chilled when the other horse left the trailer and travelled back alone fine. We hope we can soon find her happy forever home.”

The charity’s statement explained that the mare’s new borrowers will need to keep Heather on a poor quality grazing and she benefits from having a daily gut supplement.

At times where grass is growing rapidly (spring) she will benefit from turnout on a non-grazing area, such as a woodchip or school, and time away from grazing until the grass has settled to help her lose weight.

Find out more about Heather and other horses needing a new home, or to make a donation towards their care, visit the Blue Cross’ website.

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