Today (Friday 24 February, 2023) marks the sombre one-year anniversary of the start of the large-scale war in Ukraine. 12 months on and with no end in sight to the sufferings and humanitarian crisis, the Ukrainian Equestrian Charity Foundation (UECF) has issued renewed pleas for support.

While devastating missile attacks continue, some Ukrainian equestrians are coming back to their homes, bringing relocated horses back to their stables, repairing destroyed yards, paddocks and arenas and dreaming of building back a better future.

This week also marks the first anniversary of the UECF. It was established to rescue and save equines in Ukraine and help the Ukrainian equestrians to stand for their horses and protect their welfare.

“We started with a group of volunteers from 15 different countries and Ukraine,” said Mykhaylo Parkhomchuk of UECF. “What we have accomplished together is unbelievable. During the first months of war we arranged the relocation, evacuation and shelter for more than 500 horses. We have organised logistics for 1,200 tonnes of humanitarian aid for horses. Another 500 tonnes of hay and feed have been sourced locally. We have helped to supply stables with rugs and blankets for the winter period, and Ukrainian equine vets with the essential medicines and equipment.

“Almost 5,000 horses from 300 stables benefited in one or another from the help of our team and our partners. The most important is that our work has brought hope and strength to the Ukrainian equestrians to recover and adapt and to win together.”

The foundation thanked the FEI, British Equestrians for Ukraine (British Equestrian, The British Horse Society, British Equestrian Trade Association and World Horse Welfare), Equestrian society of Ukraine, IFAW, US Equestrian, Brooke USA, Blue Cross, House of Animals, European Equestrian Federation, FEEVA, BEVA , ISELP, Worldwide Vets, Equus Caballus Rescue Foundatio, Stadnina Koni Leśna Wola, Hub SOS UA, Tallinn International Horse Show and the many other organisations and individuals from around the world who have supported and encouraged them.

Together with the help of donors and hundreds of volunteers, UECF will continue implementing a plan to support the welfare of equines in Ukraine over the winter. This includes distributing humanitarian aid, demanding help with relocation of horses, distribution of rugs and equipment, providing a free of charge all-inclusive shelter for horses relocated from dangerous and deprived regions.

“Your help can mean the difference between life and death for these animals,” UECF added. “Please consider making a donation to UECF today.”

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