Does your horse need to lose weight or have they stared their weight loss journey? If you document their progress, your horse could star in the pages of Your Horse Magazine, thanks to our Fit Not Fat campaign, sponsored by Spillers. The new initiative ‘Diary of a Slimmer’ is a part of the feed brand’s mission to end quine obesity in the UK by 2035.

“We want to work with dedicated owners of overweight horses and ponies who are committed to making 2024 the year they really get on top of their horse’s weight,” said Bella Fricker, Senior Social Media Manager at Mars Horsecare, home of the Spillers brand.

“Our ‘Diary of a Slimmer’ project is a unique opportunity for owners to help their horse lose weight. We will provide personalised support and give diary keepers the chance to share their success and inspire others by starring in Your Horse Magazine – what horse owner wouldn’t love to see their beloved four-legged friend in print?”

Spillers set up its Slimmers’ Club three years ago. This Facebook group is host to a wealth of advice, insider tips, and motivation, backed by the brand’s science as well as others’ success.

The brand also works with us, both online and in print, with our Fit Not Fat campaign. The Diary of a Slimmer will be featured in Your Horse Magazine, and the most inspiring slimmers will be chosen to be featured in the double-page spread.

To participate in the Diary of Slimmer owners need to submit monthly photos, weigh ins (using a weigh tape) and body condition scores. Some of the best weight loss stories throughout the year will be showcased in the Slimmers’ Club to help motivate other owners too.

As the year comes to a close, some of the most engaging stories will feature in Your Horse Magazine. A final feature will include a diverse range of horses and ponies to demonstrate that, regardless of size or breed, healthy weight loss is achievable.

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