A new club has been launched with the aim of educating owners, riders and trainers on all aspects of correctly fitting tack for the welfare of the horse. Created by The Society of Master Saddlers (SMS), the new initiative follows the success of the SMS Fit for Welfare campaign.

The club will inform on correct fit of tack, whether for riding or driving, and will also highlight the impact tack fit can have on the horse’s way of going, as well as influencing rider position and safety. Members of the club can enjoy webinars, podcasts, offers from partners, a quarterly newsletter and dedicated area on the SMS website

There is a one-off membership fee of £20 and once signed up members will receive a welcome gift of a bundle of Fit for Welfare Club products, including a cotton bag, weigh tape and pen. New content will be made available each month and members will pay a small fee to access this.

Covering new ground

Topics to be covered will include saddle fit, bridle fit, bits and bitting, anatomy and biomechanics and the latest research relating to tack fit, plus guest speakers including farriers, nutritionists, physiotherapists.

The official launch of the Fit for Welfare Club will take place at the National Equine Show (2-3 March 2024) at the NEC, Birmingham.

For more information contact The Society of Master Saddlers by telephone on 01449 711642 or visit their website at www.mastersaddlers.co.uk

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