An equestrian company hoping to improve the wellbeing of horses and ponies is now supporting World Horse Welfare through its business. Throughout May, 5% of sales from Trickle Net’s range of slow-feeding products being donated to World Horse Welfare.

“This kind of support for World Horse Welfare is a natural fit for us,” said Ellen Chapman, founder of Trickle Net. “Their unwavering dedication to improving the lives of horses everywhere mirrors our own mission to enhance the health and happiness of horses through thoughtful forage management.

“We are honoured to support their work and contribute to meaningful change.”

Trickle Net’s slow-feeding products simulate a more natural, trickle feeding rhythm to help to prevent health issues such as obesity, laminitis, insulin resistance, and digestive disturbances.

“Trickle Net’s generous support presents a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness and funds for horse welfare,” said Peter Rowbottom, World Horse Welfare Director of Fundraising. “We are deeply grateful to Trickle Net, and their support will aid our efforts in providing care to horses in need and advocating for welfare improvements.

“Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of horses around the world.”

Ellen said Trickle Net sees a peak in sales this time of year.

“Sadly, we can attribute this peak to a correlating annual spike in laminitis diagnosis,” she said. “We strive to do all we can in educating horse owners. We are committed to supporting the efforts of World Horse Welfare to continue to raise awareness surrounding this painful disease and to help horse and pony owners to understand how to keep their much loved animals healthy and free of the devastating consequences of laminitis.”

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Lead image of Bobby, one of the 26 port horses that came in to World Horse Welfare at the end of last year

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