Research is being conducted into the use of studs in showjumping, and riders are urged to answer a questionnaire to help inform the study.

The dissertation research is being conducted by student Thomas Dunbar who is currently undertaking a Masters in Equine Performance at Nottingham Trent University.

He aims to gain insight into the practical use of heel studs, in relation to stud shape, size and configuration for different surface conditions. Thomas aims to investigate the stud choices being made by industry stakeholders to gain understanding of how heel studs are being used in showjumping and what factors may influence these decisions.

To collect this information, Thomas has compiled an online questionnaire. The GDPR compliant survey has been ethically approved by Nottingham Trent University and is open to riders and grooms over the age of 18, of all levels that have been active in the sport within the previous 24 months.

Thomas’ main area of interest in the equestrian world is in showjumping. He has worked as a professional showjumping groom in Europe and America up to five-star level.

“I was always interested in the academic and research side of the equine industry, so having completed by undergraduate degree in Equine Science at the University of Limerick, and working for a few years, I decided to return to study an MRes in Equine Performance at Nottingham Trent University,” he told Your Horse.

The questionnaire can be completed here and takes between five to 10 minutes to finish. Findings of the stud use research will be shared on the Your Horse website in the near future.

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