A Highland gelding who almost died from colic last winter is among the Search for a Star Mountain and Moorland finalists who will be competing at Your Horse Live on Friday (11 November).

Five-year-old Lachlann of Croila Croft (pictured top) is owned and ridden by Judith Hogg from Crieff. He recovered from the serious illness after being hospitalised for six days, and was backed this spring.

Gun dog trainer Judith said she has only recently got her confidence back and recovered after breaking her back out hunting seven years ago.

Fell Brackenbank Flicka, owned and ridden by Jessica Everill from Staffordshire, will also be in this class. Jessica has owned Flicka for just over a year and a half.

The pair went to the Search for a Star Mountain and Moorland finals last year and came third. Jessica was 17 weeks pregnant at the time and now has a six-month-old baby.

Jessica runs a therapy business with miniature Shetland ponies, working with special needs schools.

Joining the line up is Crosswaters King Willian, a Welsh section D, owned by Laura Hopkins and ridden by Molly
Broadley from Wolverhampton.

Molly has been riding ‘Billy’ for five-years. The pair also competes in dressage and cross-country, and enjoy fun rides together. Molly has previously competed in Search for a Star cob qualifiers.

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Fellow Welsh section D Dearnevalley Firefly, owned and ridden by Adele Forster from Blackburn, is also heading to Stoneleigh Park. Adele has owned the gelding since he was four and the pair enjoy beach rides as well as showing.

Joining the line up is Highstell Alpha, a Fell who is owned by Ashton Eyre and ridden by Kirsty Lewis from East Sussex.

Kirsty entered Search for a Star several years ago when there was a working hunter class and she narrowly missed out on qualifying, so she said she was delighted to be heading to Your Horse Live.

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Kilmurray Fionn, a Connemara owned and ridden by Fliss Martin from Derbyshire has also qualified. Fliss has owned the dun for three years.

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The pair have also competed in eventing and qualified for the British Connemara Eventing Championships last year.

Langorra Ginger Port (Larry), a New Forest owned and ridden by Natalie Pastor from Warwickshire is no stranger to Search for a Star, having won the HOYS Working Pony Championship earlier this year. He will be hoping to impress the judges again inn the Mountain and Moorland Championship at Your Horse Live.

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The third Fell on their way to the championship is Mosshey Centurion, who is owned and ridden by Georgia Norton from Hampshire. ‘Brian’ also qualified for this final in 2021.

Georgia and Brian recently competed in the Search for a Star Working Pony Championship at HOYS. They also compete in dressage at elementary level and showjumping.

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Rosedust Class Act, a Welsh section B, owned by Karen Watson and ridden by Aaliyah Watson from Aberdeenshire are in the Mountain and Moorland Championship as well as the Open Pony Club Championship. Aaliyah is also competing at Your Horse Live in the In-hand Plaited Pony Championship with Romano Small Talk.

Completing the Mountain and Moorland line up is Saulire Thunder (Chino), a Welsh section D, owned and ridden by Caroline Edgson from Warwickshire. Reception teacher Caroline said she always wanted a section D and fell in love with Chino when she first saw him.

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