SAP is the Official Technology Sponsor of the Event Rider Masters (Credit:

SAP today announced that it will be the Official Technology Sponsor of the “Event Rider Masters” (ERM) a new and exciting CIC*** format with the goal of showcasing the sport of Eventing to larger global audiences.

SAP and ERM will work together using existing and new engaging technology improving the onsite as well as screen experience across the ERM, with a special focus on television. “Co-innovating with SAP, we will work towards bringing this magnificent sport much closer to our fans onsite and around the world. We will achieve this by providing informed data and analyses, innovative camera techniques and graphics, and much more sophisticated commentary and insights,” said ERM Director Christopher Stone.

French rider Astier Nicholas competing in the Event Rider Masters (

The more accessible content will include ‘SAP Equestrian Analytics’ which will track riders on the cross-country phase and ‘SAP Audience Dressage Judging’ which will allow spectators and viewers to take the judges seat and score the dressage tests in real time. This application will be available for the first time at the final leg of ERM for visitors to the Blenheim Palace International Horse Trials on 10 September.

“The Event Rider Masters Series is fantastic. Our sport will have a new level of quality competition, real-time fan offerings and international press attention. I can´t wait to compete and be part of it,” said SAP Equestrian Ambassador Ingrid Klimke.

GBR-Oliver Townend rides Cillnabradden Evo in the CIC3* Event Rider Masters Showjumping at 2016 Blair Castle Interntional Horse Trial. Sunday 28 August (Interim-1ST). Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography

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