A horse sanctuary in Greece that was burned to the ground during recent wildfires is fundraising to help it raise the funds needed to rebuild.

The Greek island of Evia was hardest hit when wildfires tore through the country earlier this month. Much of its countryside and villages were destroyed, including Ranch-Eros horse sanctuary.

All the horses and donkeys survived without injury after being rescued by sanctuary owner Nancy Korellou, who risked her life to get all the animals to safety.

The equines have since been moved to a safe location, but this is only temporary and the sanctuary is asking for donations to help rebuild the site so that the horses can return.

Sarah Lally, an equine facilitated coach who used to work with Nancy, is now fundraising for the sanctuary to help them rehabilitate the horses and rebuild their home.

“The videos that Nancy sent me broke my heart. The horses were stood amongst the burning ashes looking traumatised. I can’t imagine the impact this horror has had on them,” said Sarah.

“Thankfully they have managed to move the horses to a place of safety, but it is not the surroundings they are used to and Nancy is desperate to rebuild Ranch-Eros as soon as possible so that they can return home to recover from their trauma, in an environment that meets their needs.”

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Ranch-Eros is a non-profit sanctuary. Its mission is to rescue and rehabilitate abandoned horses and donkeys and to provide education and therapeutic support programmes to organisations, including schools and groups for the elderly.

You can find out more about the sanctuary and donate via its website. Find it on Facebook: @rancherosfarm

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