A month-old semi-feral foal found alone next to her deceased dam has been rescued by Redwings Horse Sanctuary. The filly has been named Ruby by the charity, in reference to its 40th anniversary this year.

Ruby arrived at the sanctuary’s Horse Hospital in Norfolk last Thursday (27 June) and has been receiving round-the-clock care from the in-house vet and teams. She was introduced to a potential foster mum, Cilla, over the weekend.

“Cilla has been a foster mum several times before and is showing a healthy interest in little Ruby,” said Nic de Brauwere, Head of Welfare and Behaviour at Redwings.

“The two of them can see and touch each other day and night, and already we can see a huge change in Ruby’s demeanour from nervous to much more confident, with her seeking Cilla out when she is unsure or simply wanting company.

“We have a lot of experience of dealing with semi feral ponies here at Redwings so she’s in the very best of hands. Once she and Cilla are a strong pair, we’ll look to introduce her to some similar-age youngsters to grow up and play with.

“Taking on a foal in these circumstances is a big commitment and we’re so grateful that we’ve been able to do that thanks to the kind and generous support of our #RedwingsAngels.

“None of the work we do here at Redwings is possible without donations, which we never take for granted, and, if you are able to donate towards the care of Ruby and the other horses, ponies, donkeys and mules at our Sanctuary, we’d be so grateful.

“Staff from across all Redwings’ departments are giving their time by volunteering to do the most antisocial shift of the day – Ruby’s 3am feeds – which she’ll need for at least the next three weeks, to support their colleagues and ease the burden on charity resources. We’re blown away by the wonderful gesture which shows the kind of people we’re lucky enough to have here.”

To contribute towards the care of Ruby and her equine companions at Redwings, click here.

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