A thoroughbred gelding has been completely transformed since coming into World Horse Wefare’s care in January last year, and is now thriving in his forever home.

When Nelson’s Bay arrived at the charity’s Belwade Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre he was “extremely underweight” and “covered in rain scald” .

Despite his initial poor condition, with expert care from the Belwade team, Nelson’s personality soon began to shine through. As well as enjoying attention from his groom, Nelson’s good nature meant he got on very well with his fieldmates, including youngsters.

Nelson earlier this year. Credit: World Horse Welfare

Nelson was diagnosed with kissing spines but is comfortable and content as a companion. Staff said his laid-back character meant he was “a great calming influence for his friends”.

Nelson’s groom Kelly said he was her favourite horse at the centre.

“He really is the most chilled out ex-racehorse in the world and is such a character – I loved working with him! It’s always a bit bittersweet when one of your favourites is rehomed – I was so happy when he found a home but also sad that I couldn’t spend more time with him. It’s wonderful seeing updates of him so settled in his new family as he really does deserve a lovely home,” she said.

When he went on the rehoming scheme, Nelson caught the eye of Meg Morrison and she thought he would make the perfect companion for her horse Frankie.

Meg applied for Nelson and after a successful virtual homecheck, Nelson left Belwade for his new home at the beginning of February this year.

A new start

Nelson and Meg. Credit: Meg Morrison

“I was so excited for Nelson to arrive and become part of the family, I knew from speaking to the knowledgeable staff at Belwade he would be a perfect fit for us,” said Meg.

“Since coming he has been the perfect companion for my young thoroughbred Frankie, he comes in every night to a cosy stable and has never once put a foot wrong. He is a dream to work with and is such a good example of the fantastic work done by World Horse Welfare. Nelson has certainly found his forever home.”

If you could offer one of World Horse Welfare’s companion horses and ponies like Nelson a home, visit the charity’s rehoming site.