A pair of rescued mares are still looking for their forever home, despite a campaign to find them new loving carers last Christmas. 

Lilly and Molly are looking for a retirement home to live out their twilight years together, but despite the Blue Cross’ best efforts, no one has stepped forward to take them on, and the pair have remained in the in the care of the charity for almost 300 days.

Molly, 22, and Lilly, 20, have lived together since they were youngsters and were signed over into the care of the charity by their previous owner after their circumstances changed and they could no longer keep them.

The pair, who are both warmblood/hunter types and just over 16hh, are looking for a non-ridden companion home together.

“Due to their size and age and that they struggle to make new friendships with new horses we’ve struggled to find them a new home together,” said Lauren Bush, Rehoming Coordinator at Blue Cross. “They would be better suited to a private home just for them, or at least in their own paddock next to other horses.

“They’re such lovely sweet girls who have got on really well in their Blue Cross foster home and are now just looking to spend the rest of their days together in their new forever home.”

If you can give Molly and Lilly a home visit bluecross.org.uk for more information. To make a donation to help Blue Cross provide care for animals and horses like Molly and Lilly this year visit bluecross.org.uk/support

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