The endearing long-eared residents of The Donkey Sanctuary have been treated to icy enrichment treats to help keep them cool during the current spell of hot weather.

Not only do the frozen treats help cool them down, but they also provide a valuable form of entertainment for the herds. Donkeys love exploring, and this activity allows them to exhibit their natural foraging behaviours – a key factor in improving donkey welfare, the sanctuary staff explained.

The ‘lollipops’ are made using a variety of ingredients with different smells to make it more interesting for the donkeys, including grated carrots in frozen water and flavoured tea or cordial, with added hazel leaves and apples.

“It is also very important that the donkeys have clean drinking water and access to shelter so they can get out of the hot sun,” a charity spokesman added.

Advice to owners

The Donkey Sanctuary has compiled a comprehensive list of tips for carers and owners of donkeys to keep their animals healthy and happy in extreme heat.

Last week, the British Horse Society issued advice to horse owners following the rise in temperatures across the UK. You can read their guidance here. We also recently shared insight into the use of fly rugs in very warm weather, read the feature here.

All images of residents of the Devon and Manchester sanctuaries. Credit: The Donkey Sanctuary

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