A charity in Essex is inviting supporters to join its 40th anniversary fundraising challenge, to help the horses, ponies and other animals in its care.

Ahead of its first open day of 2023 on Sunday 7 May, Remus Horse Sanctuary in Essex has launched the challenge to raise £40,000 during the remainder of the year.

Sue Burton, founder of the sanctuary, is asking its supporters to fundraise £40 each, which will help the charity in its ongoing work to prevent any animal from being “born to die”.

In recent weeks, three dead horses have been dumped in Essex and one foal was left to die under a hedge in Kent.

“I started the charity after reading the headline on the front of the Romford Recorder in February 1983. It said ‘Doomed! 100 horses left to die’. Coming from London, I’d never even met a horse, and I couldn’t believe that in this day and age we allow animals to die and do nothing,” said Sue.

“Some days it feels like very little has changed. We’re doing everything we can at Remus to stop animals from being born to die; working with other charities, campaigning and fundraising, but still we need to do more.

“We know our current ask is a biggy, so we’re asking everyone we know to fundraise just £40 for us. But of course, there’s no need to stop there, perhaps they could raise more.

“This is a very serious subject which we’ll be expanding on in the summer with our patrons. In the meantime, we’re asking people who care about animals everywhere to join us in our mission and have a little fun at the same time.”

How to help

How could you raise £40 for the charity? They have suggested several ideas for those wishing to take part, including baking and selling 40 cakes, making and selling 40 cards or crafts, cycling 40 miles, swimming 40 lengths or getting together friends for a 40 minute Zumba class.

Those joining the challenge are invited share their efforts on social media with the hashtag #NeverBornToDie

For further information, visit donate.giveasyoulive.com/campaign/40-anniversary-challenge

Tickets for the Open Day taking place on Sunday 7 May can be purchased online via www.remussanctuary.org/events/open-day-at-the-sanctuary-may or by calling the sanctuary on 01277 356191.

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