This month’s round-up features a pair of beautiful coloured cobs to be rehomed together, an exciting project, a friendly Welsh pony and a sweet-natured companion mare. The ponies have been rescued by Redwings Horse Sanctuary and are now ready to settle into loving new Guardian homes.

To find out more and to register your interest in any of the ponies, see the link to Redwings’ rehoming site at the bottom of this page.

Piper and Lila

Two coloured cob mares are available to rehome as a pair of non-ridden companions from Redwings Caldecott in Norfolk. 13hh Lila is 12 years old, and 13.1hh Piper is 13. They are said to have lovely natures and have formed a close bond with each other.

“Piper is a sensitive mare and would thrive with one-to-one handling from a kind and gentle Guardian,” said a charity spokesman. “She is good to groom and has been for in-hand walks as part of her training. Lila is good to handle, catch, groom and lead. They are happy to be stabled overnight or live out.”


Rusty is an 11hh 18-year-old part Welsh pony looking for a new home.

“He is a friendly chap who loves fuss and attention,” said a Redwings spokesman. “He is good to catch, groom and lead and stands nicely for any routine care. He is happy to stable at night or live out with a companion and has been turned out happily with mares or geldings.

“Rusty will make a great addition to any home looking for a companion for their older horse or pony.”

Like many native ponies of his size, Rusty can be prone to weight gain and therefore will need a Guardian with experience in monitoring his weight and restricting his grazing if necessary. 


Lyle, a 13.1hh, eight-year-old cob gelding, is looking for a home as unbacked project. 

“Lyle has a super sweet temperament and is good to catch and lead and will stand nicely for the farrier and vet,” said a Redwings spokesman. “At Redwings he has been through groundwork training and worn tack and he is now looking for an experienced and kind Guardian to continue his training to be a ridden pony.”

Lyle can become nervous in new or busy environments so he would be best suited to a calm and quiet yard. He can also become stressed when left on his own, so will need companionship at all times.


Nicaragua, a 12.2hh, 12-year-old, cob mare looking for a new home as a non-ridden companion. 

“She is a sweet natured mare who is good to catch, lead and is happy to stand whilst being groomed,” said a Redwings spokesman. “Nicaragua enjoys fuss and attention. She has been turned out with mares and geldings and gets on well with both.

“Due to her nature, it is possible that she could be left alone if her companion was taken out for a ride for short periods of time, although it is advised that this is introduced gradually in her new home.” 

The horses are currently in Redwings Horse Sanctuary’s care after being rescued by the charity and Guardianship can be applied for via their website.

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