Shocking footage has been shared of the moment a police horse was subjected to a dog attack in Victoria Park in Tower Hamlets, London, yesterday (22 March).

The dog appears to be circling and biting at the horse for more than a minute while concerned onlookers call out in distress. Eventually the dog is caught.

Police shared an update earlier today (23 March).

Credit: Met Police Taskforce

“PH Urbane from Bow was attacked by a dog off the lead in Victoria Park yesterday,” they said. “We can’t stress enough how important it is to keep dogs on a lead if you can’t recall them or get them under control. Huge thanks to members of public who tried to help Urbane.

“He has been to the vets and is having some well-earned recuperation. He will hopefully be back on duty as soon as he has fully recovered but not before.”

Credit: Met Police Taskforce

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police told Your Horse that the dog was seized after it attacked Urbane. They added that the horse required stitches but is expected to return to duty following his recovery.

“The dog remains in police kennels and officers are in contact with its owner,” they said. 

“No arrests have been made. Enquiries continue.”

Credit: Met Police Taskforce

A member of the public shared a video of the incident on TikTok. Click here to watch the video *please note, viewer discretion is advised due to the upsetting nature of the content*.

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