Legendary event riders Pippa Funnell MBE (pictured) and Tina Cook will share their expert insights at this year’s London International Horse Show on Friday 15 December.

The new addition to the LeMieux Masterclass series will see the star pair take centre stage in their Perfect Partnerships demonstration, discussing their relationships with both human and equine teammates.

Taking place in the New Horizon Plastics London Arena, the hour-long lesson will explore the development of those vital connections that produce results at all levels.

“It’s all about building that friendship with your horse or pony,” said Pippa, “To which we all know there are no shortcuts – but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring!”

Tina and Pippa will put together a range of exercises, suitable for the audience to try at home, which will develop horse and rider partnerships both mentally and gymnastically.

“We’ve both produced horses from the ground up,” said Pippa. “We’ve both produced youngsters, and we’ve both produced horses who don’t necessarily have the ‘whole package’ – but this Masterclass is all about working with what you have; emphasising the natural talents and supporting those areas where a horse and rider might be weaker, to create that perfect partnership for enjoyment and success.”

Starting with a mix of flatwork and pole work the masterclass will pay special attention to establishing self-discipline and the basic techniques which are the basis of a good partnership.

Pippa and Tina will then put together the techniques they have covered to show the audience the final product, before the audience will have the opportunity to ask any questions they may have.

“It’s all got to be fun – for both horse and rider,” added Pippa. “That’s what creates the best partnerships – when both we and our four-legged friends are enjoying ourselves.”

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