Planning a trip but looking for a quirky way to let colleagues and clients know you’re not available? An unusual initiative in Iceland allows those preparing to go away to send their out of office emails on behalf of a horse.

Introduced by tourism agency Inspired by Iceland and Horses of Iceland, the service allows users to send automatic emails as if typed by Icelandic horses. The scheme highlights the versatile breed who are enjoyed throughout the world across the disciplines.

The OutHorse service was introduced after finding that 55 percent of people check their work emails daily while on holiday, “meaning they never fully disconnect and relax”.

“OutHorse sees Iceland’s unique breed of horses trot out replies to your work emails while you’re on vacation, so you don’t have to,” said a spokesman for Horses of Iceland.

“Today, Iceland is saying ‘neigh’ to work emails while on vacation. Introducing the world’s first OutHorse service that encourages travellers like you to switch off during your trip and let the hooves do the typing.”

Those wishing to sign up can choose from three ponies to write their emails, a chestnut who “types fast but likes to take a nap”, a grey with “shiny hair” and a skewbald “trained in buzz words”.

How Iceland’s Horses Learned to Type Emails from Inspired By Iceland on Vimeo.

“Our extraordinary OutHorse service will ensure that travellers enjoy the best of Iceland without constant work distractions,” the spokesman added. “Our automatic equine email response system sees Iceland’s unique breed of horses take centre stage and reply to your work emails. Yes, you read that right. Real horses are typing out actual out-of-office replies on a giant horse-sized keyboard.

“So, don’t be foal-ish! ‘OutHorse’ your email this summer with the help of our four-legged professionals, and enjoy an uninterrupted summer vacation. Your boss will never know the difference.”

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