Run in aid of The Donkey Breed Society, a donkey show like no other attracted a massive 745 entries across 20 classes.

“The show was initially set up to encourage donkey and mule hinny owners to join in and become more active members of a long-eared community,” said organiser Carole Travelle. “Many are people who have no transport or live in areas without accessible shows, so their only option is online”.

The two biggest classes received 85 and 83 entries – what a sight that would be if that had happened at showground near you! Entries were Europe-wide, including France and Southern Ireland! The majority however came from the UK, spreading from Penzance to Aberdeen and across to Lurgan in County Armagh.

One gorgeous little donkey foal, Rosie, who was born in lockdown and is now just over ten weeks old, can be seen admiring her very first red rosette! Owner Terri said, ‘Thank you so much Carole and all who gave up their time to be judges, for the wonderful rosettes and the fun of being able to enter this show in the midst of such a difficult time’.

The most liked photo went to a working logging team of donkeys from France

There were 5 in-hand (conformation) classes, 4 for donkeys and 1 for mules/hinnies and fifteen other classes, open to donkeys, mules and hinnies, ranging from driven, ridden, veterans together with ‘rainbow bridge’ and fun classes such as ‘best cuddle’, best close up’, best helper’ and ‘best comedy moment!

There is huge enthusiasm amongst those who took part for further shows and with one definitely planned for Christmas, and the possibility of an interim Autumn Show. This show has helped to showcase what the The Donkey Breed Society does – but also shows the general public just how versatile donkeys, mules and hinnies are and the activities they can be involved in. Plus all these wonderful activities give enrichment and mental stimulation to the equine and helps build trust with their owner.

A bit more about The Donkey Breed Society

The Donkey Breed Society aims to improve knowledge, promote the care and management and to highlight the versatility of the donkey. By joining our society, whether you have your own donkey or not, you will have opportunities to meet friendly, like-minded people who share your enthusiasm.

Visit The Donkey Breed Society website to find out more.