We’ve loved watching the Olympic Games in Rio over the post couple of weeks (we’re already looking forward to Tokyo 2020) and it seems the younger generation have been just as inspired as we found out when speaking to young event rider rider Tara Dixon.

“My plans for the future are to be an Olympic medalist, to be World Champion and to event at the top level for as long as I can,” says 13-year-old Tara Dixon, the daughter of four-time Olympian Karen Dixon.

Tara has been riding since the age of two and with the support and expertise of her mum has worked hard to hone her riding skills. Last season she completed nine British Eventing competitions at Novice level and this year was selected to ride for the U18 Novice Championship team representing the North at Frickley Park.

“I currently ride Carracanada Kieran who’s a 14.2hh, nine year old by Loughlum Sadat out of Sienna Poppy,” says Tara. “He was sent to my mum to be sold but when we saw him we just knew that we had to buy him. Now I don’t think we’re ever going to be able to sell him, he’s a part of the family.”

Tara says that, despite being a bit of a handful in training, Kieran listens when it really matters

Tara admits that Kieran can sometimes be a bit of a handful to work with in training and that their competition days aren’t always plain sailing! “He has such an energetic and fun personality and he just likes to have fun. He does listen really – most of the time.

“At one event last year I was pictured for a national magazine – albeit jumping the arena string and not a fence! Mum and I have now fixed the brakes and I’ve since gone to have some much more successful outings.”

Despite her young years and busy competition schedule Tara is already producing two horses. “They’re just projects but I think they could go quite far,” she say. But, despite having a famous rider for a mum, Tara is like any other rider trying to make their way in equestrian sport.

“Money is my biggest problem at the moment so I’d love to find some help in the form of sponsorship,” she explains.” It would be such a massive help. Having to buy all the equipment I need is tough and it would be amazing if I could find some sort of support to help me along the way.”