Olympia, The London International Horse Show have just announced a stunning new line-up of international equestrian displays to be featured at this year’s show (13-19 December).

Head-lining this year is the world-renowned equestrian artist, Santi Serra who on making his Olympia debut he’s sure to wow the 90,000 visitors with his Spanish flair and unique performance with his beloved horses and loyal four-pawed companions. Santi has an amazing relationship with his animals, where he communicates with them through mind and body enabling him to put on a thrilling show demonstrating incredible choreography between horse, human and dog.

The top Portuguese riders and stallions will demonstrate their equestrian skill at Olympia

“Olympia is one of the best shows in the world and the atmosphere is always electric. My team and I are really looking forward to entertaining the audience with our special routine,” said Santi Serra.
Joining him at Olympia will be the world-class Portuguese Lusitano Display, often referred to as ‘The Pride of Portugal’, who will be showcasing their beautiful skills of horsemanship and harmony. The 16 stallions will be mesmerising to watch as they demonstrate their breath-taking carousel routine.

Aside from these equestrian displays, the world’s top competitors will also be heading to Olympia once again where three FEI World Cup™ Legs will be hosted in the sports of carriage driving, dressage and show jumping.