A foal who was left abandoned on the roadside at just two weeks old has been named after the police officer who kept him safe until he could be safely transported to The Next Chapter Rescue and Rehoming Centre.

The little coloured colt was found on a grass verge in a village in Leicestershire. Police Officer Mike was the first at the scene and he carefully watched over the pony while the British Horse Society (BHS) and Blue Cross worked to find him transport to local charity The Next Chapter.

The horsebox was more than an hour away, so PC Mike had his hands full to keep the “feisty” youngster out of trouble until he could be safely taken to his new home. The police officer’s kind deed did not go without notice, and he was honoured by The Next Chapter when they named the pony.

Mickey when he was found on a grass verge by a road

“He did an amazing job of keeping him safe from traffic and hazards and so we decided to call this little foal Mickey, after Mike his rescuer who went above and beyond that day,” a spokesperson for the charity told Your Horse.

“Mickey was only around two weeks old so it was crucial he got emergency care,” they continued. “He was bottle fed every two hours around the clock by a team of dedicated volunteers and has only just been weaned off his bottle at five months old.”

Today Mickey is thriving under the care of The Next Chapter.

Mickey was fed every two hours

“He’s still quite a cheeky, if not a little naughty boy, so it’s clear his early start hasn’t affected his confidence in any way,” they said. “He eats his foal creep and porridge mix with gusto, and occasionally still has a milk bottle as a treat.

“He’s very much loved by all the team at The Next Chapter who were shattered working through the long nights to keep him company and keep him fed. He was donated a giant teddy bear to snuggle up to at night time, which he loved very much.”

When Mickey was a little older he was joined by nanny pony ‘Elvis’ who is 15 years old. Elvis played a key role in Mickey’s education and in recent weeks he has been able to join the young colts group.

Mickey had his teeth checked, his vaccinations and he’s met the farrier for a hoof trim. He will soon be passported and microchipped ahead of his six month birthday.

Mickey and his new friends at The Next Chapter

“Mickey was so lucky to be found by Mike, to be taken in at The Next Chapter and his future is now very bright,” the spokesperson added. “He is one of the very lucky ones, as without the correct care, or being found in a matter of hours, he almost certainly wouldn’t have made it.”

The Next Chapter runs solely from public donations and there is always a line of horses in need of their care. They are currently raising funds for pony Duncan who came to the charity with “horrific wounds” and requires extensive vet care.

BHS Welfare Field Officer Rosi Waite was one of the individuals involved in Mickey’s rescue, and alerted Your Horse to his case. She said she has been involved in other cases of foals abandoned on the roadside, which Next Chapter have taken in.

The Next Chapter Rescue and Rehoming Centre is based in Countesthorpe, Leicestershire, and is run by Shelley Page. To find out more click here.

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