Popular equestrian illustrator Emily Cole has created a new service that allows fans to personalise their own pony illustration through emilycole.com. The ‘Personalise a Pony’ option enables people to create their horse or pony in Emily’s unique style.

To start, customers pick from one of five options: Original, Coloured, Long Mane, Hogged, and Coloured Long Mane. After that, up to 14 personalisation options are available so people can select the colours, markings, eye colour and so much more to put together a drawing that looks just like their own horse or pony.

“At Burghley last year, I offered a limited number of drawings in this style, and people were crazy for them,” said Emily. “Due to the time that commissions take, the cost was prohibitive to many, so I started exploring how I could create a system that allowed people to personalise a drawing to make it look like their horse or pony.

“We tested this and were really delighted with the results. We’re really pleased we can now offer this as an option, and we can’t wait to see what our customers create. We love getting to know all about people’s equine friends and seeing them in illustration form is a great way to do that!”

The Personalise a Pony prints are designed by customers online before a watermarked proof is sent before printing. The prints are available in small, medium, and large and prices start from £90.

For more information or to design your own print using Personalise a Pony, visit www.emilycole.com

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