The 2023 Horse Health Report, recently released by The Insurance Emporium, has shared the most common horse health complaints last year.

Leg conditions were the top ‘most claimed for’ ailment for 2023, costing on average £733, External Accident was the top ‘most claimed for’ accident for 2023, costing on average £668, and colic incurred the highest average paid claim in 2023 at £1,081.

“Our latest data on customer claims for common illnesses and conditions paint a similar picture to last year, with leg conditions topping the list for disease-related claims and external accident for accident-related claims,” said The Insurance Emporium’s Chief Executive Officer, Francis Martin.

“Incidentally, claims for colic resulted in the highest average paid claim of £1,081, closely followed by digestive system conditions, such as gastric ulcers, at £908. It highlights that without equine insurance, horse owners could be footing an extremely expensive veterinary bill.

“We understand the rise in veterinary costs, feed, yard fees and all the other costs associated with horse ownership are having a demonstrable impact on owners, with many struggling to afford to keep them. As an alternative, some owners have decided to go into shared ownership to keep costs down. However, if they haven’t already got cover, additional riders may want to consider rider insurance. While the owner, if concerned about vet fee costs, may want to consider horse insurance cover with vet’s fees cover as an optional benefit.”

Credit: your Horse Library/Sally Newcomb

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