Legendary eventer Mary King has praised new advice published by charity Blue Cross, with guides offering advice to owners on several areas of horse care.

The new digital guidance focuses on keeping equines healthy and happy in the summer months. They cover keeping horses safe in summer, weight monitoring and atypical myopathy, and join the charity’s extensive library of information on horse care.

“These new guides are brilliant,” said Blue Cross Equestrian Ambassador Mary. “They have been written by Blue Cross’s highly knowledgeable welfare manager Ruth Court and make very useful reading for every type of horse owner. Ruth has chosen three important topics: keeping horses safe in hot weather and weight monitoring are very relevant for summer health and welfare while atypical myopathy is a dangerous disease that everyone should be aware of, no matter the time of year.”

Summer care guides

The new Blue Cross horse care guides include:

  • Keeping horses safe in hot weather covers the dangers heat can present to horses and provides some essential tips to help keep horses cool when the temperature rises.
  • How to weigh a horse explains the benefits of regular weight monitoring, the methods of weighing a horse and some top tips for weight management.
  • Atypical myopathy (sycamore poisoning) in horses outlines the causes, signs and symptoms of this highly fatal disease and provides practical details about how you can help to prevent the risk for your horses.

The Blue Cross advice can be found here.

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