A new collaboration helping young people to reconnect through horses has been praised by Martin Clunes, as he joined a special event to mark the beginning of the partnership.

The British Horse Society (BHS) said it was “thrilled” to welcome the actor and president of the charity to the Royal Armoured Corps Saddle Club in Bovington to mark the connecting of the BHS and Lead-Up International.

Complimenting the charity’s Changing Lives through Horses (CLtH) programme, Lead-Up ran a workshop with CLtH participants based at the BHS Approved Centre. Supported by trained mentors, the event encouraged and taught the young people involved to observe and manage their own nonverbal communication through mindfulness, interacting with the horses, and learning how to build trust between equines and humans.

“I couldn’t be happier about supporting this new collaboration between the BHS and Lead-Up International,” said Martin Clunes, President of the BHS, on the day. “A horse’s beauty, bravery, strength and companionship constantly inspires me, and it is great to see our Changing Lives through Horses participants benefit from the unique horse human bond. This partnership marks an important step forward in inspiring the next generation of equestrians”.

Mariana Samayoa at Lead-Up, a charitable organisation who focusses on teaching young people how to deal with violence through education and emotional management, expressed her gratitude.

“After a decade of incredible growth, where we have forged profound connections with horses and transformed these invaluable lessons into a structured methodology, we are thrilled to be able to partner with the esteemed BHS,” she said. “This new collaboration promises to further amplify our impact and reach. We are sure that together, we will continue to empower and inspire youth through the transformative power of horses.”

This event comes as the BHS announces the launch of a new campaign called ‘Keep Britain Riding’, to safeguard the long-term prospects of equestrianism and nurture the special horse/human bond for generations to come.

To find out more about Lead-Up International, visit www.lead-upinternational.org

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