The best breeders in jumping, dressage and eventing, will be honoured for their contribution to horse sport later today (4 February).

This year’s Longines WBFSH Breeder Awards will celebrate the breeders of the highest-ranking horses, with a ceremony will take place in Bordeuax after the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup this evening.

The winners are Silke Druckenmüller, breeder of TSF Dalera BB; Wim Impens, breeder of King Edward; and Hilmer Meyer-Kulenkampff, breeder of FischerChipmunk FRH. The 2022 winners are particularly inspiring as none are large breeders, each only producing a limited number of foals every year.

Incredible horses

TSF Dalera BB. Credit: Dirk Caremans

Silke Druckenmüller said she “still cannot quite believe” that as a small amateur breeder, she has achieved the highest award breeding has to offer for the second year in a row.

Olympic gold-winning dressage mare Dalera was “always even-tempered and drawn to people”, said Silke. “You could already see the quality of movement, always moving in the field in a loose and elastic manner. And she was simply uncomplicated.”

Wim Impens. Credit: private

Wim Impens believes that when breeding horses, you have to think in generations and look to the future.

“As a foal, there was nothing particularly special about King Edward,” he said of the now Olympic jumping champion. “He was rather small and lacking long lines. But when I see him now, in action on television, King Edward is so much like his mother, Koningin de Lauzelle. He is a carbon copy.”

FischerChipmunk FRH. Credit: Dirk Caremans

Hilmer Meyer-Kulenkampff said  leading eventer Chipmunk was a “smart and well-presented foal”, and he stood out because of his even-tempered nature. He recalled taking Chipmunk to a foal competition. When they arrived, in the midst of all the other mares and foals, Chipmunk lay down and had a nap.

Hilmer added that he has an “outstanding” filly from the last season, out of the full sister of Chipmunk. This filly is a full sister to his recently premium licensed stallion at the Hanoverian stallion selection, and she is his big hope for the future of his breeding out of this damline.

Lead image of King Edward by Dirk Caremans

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