Equestrian art lovers can enjoy a new exhibition later this year. Lancashire-based artist Tammy Walters will be among those showcasing their work at The Living Horse Museum in the Netherlands from 12-15 August.

Tammy will be part of a worldwide collective of equestrian artists sharing their work across a variety of mediums, from photography and conceptual art, to sculptures and paintings in oils and acrylics, illustrations and more. During the exhibition, the artists will be present to talk about their work and answer any questions from the public.

“International equine art platform Paard Verzameld and the Living Horse Museum in Amsterdam join forces during the Dutch Equine Art Fair to bring the art, history and culture of horses together,” said a spokesman for the event.

“The Dutch Equine Art Fair is a carefully curated exhibition dedicated to the beauty of equine art from around the world. Featuring artwork from international established and emerging equine artists, this event is a must-see for equine enthusiasts.”

The fair offers visitors the opportunity to get up close to the artwork, as well as the artists themselves. For more information and to purchase tickets, click here.

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