A characterful retired racehorse has been the inspiration for a new series of novels, which promise to delight equestrians and animal lovers alike.

Kumakawa: My True Story, by Ross Hartshorn and Helen McCarthy, is told from the point-of-view of Kumakawa (Kuma) as he shares his life story, from his illustrious career as a world-record holding racehorse, to his friendships, bad habits, and daring escapes.

The Adventures of Kumakawa, the horse that will try anything is a series of children’s novels, also by Ross and centering on quirky Kuma. These stories are illustrated by Charlie Harding and explore Kuma’s amusing escapades alongside border collie Daisy. In the first lighthearted tale, Kuma and Daisy give karate a try.

The now 24-year-old gelding ran 117 times and has turned his hoof to many challenges since he retired from racing, from eventing and showjumping, to hacking and dressage, and still enjoys ridden work.

“I became his owner in August of 2007 where his extreme quirkiness carried on,” Helen told Your Horse. “He is a real character and hence why his racing owner, Ross, decided to write the books.”

To find out more and to order a copy of Kumakawa: My True Story, click here, or for The Adventures of Kumakawa, the horse that will try anything, click here.

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